The smart financial and scientific calculator that excels at creating and sharing calculation templates.


powerOne is the calculator that makes it easy to add your own calculations, customize off-the-shelf ones, and share them across your devices, with your team and customers. Designed for iOS and the web.

Quick and accurate. Templates are similar to locked-down, mini-spreadsheets that increase accuracy and calculation speed.

Get up and running fast. Pre-created templates cover topics from finance, real estate, business, investing, construction and more.

Create your own templates easily. The simple language is more like writing sentences than writing equations.

Share your templates. Sync across your devices, share them privately or make them public for anyone to use.

Access powerOne everywhere. Designed for iOS as well as mobile and desktop web browsers, wherever you are.

Control how you and others see the numbers. Intermix them with text, images, styles, and links for a professional presentation.